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257 – Come Down, O Love Divine

1 Come down, O Love divine, seek thou this soul of mine and visit it with thine own ardor glowing; O Comforter, draw near, within my heart appear, and kindle it, thy holy flame bestowing. 2 O let it freely burn, till earthly passions turn to dust and ashes in its heat consuming; and let … Continue reading

258 – Baptize Us Anew

1 Baptize us anew With power from on high, With love, O refresh us! Dear Savior, draw nigh. Refrain We humbly beseech Thee, Lord Jesus, we pray, With love and the Spirit baptize us today. We praise Thee, we bless Thee, dear Lamb that was slain We laud and adore Thee, Amen and Amen. 2 … Continue reading

259 – Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether

1 Draw us in the Spirit’s tether, For when humbly in Thy name, Two or three are met together Thou are in the midst of them; Alleluia! Alleluia! Touch we now Thy garment’s hem. 2 As the brethren used to gather In the name of Christ to sup, Then with thanks to God the Father … Continue reading

260 – Hover O'er Me, Holy Spirit

1 Hover o’er me, Holy Spirit, Bathe my trembling heart and brow; Fill me with Thy hallowed presence, Come, O come and fill me now. Refrain Fill me now, fill me now, Jesus, come and fill me now. Fill me with Thy hallowed presence, Come, O come and fill me now. 2 Thou canst fill … Continue reading

261 – The Spirit of the Lord Revealed

1 The Spirit of the Lord revealed His will to saints of old; Their heart and mind lips unsealed His glory to unfold. Amid the gloom of ancient night They hailed the dawning Word, And in the coming of the light Proclaimed the coming Lord. 2 The prophets passed; at length there came To sojourn … Continue reading

262 – Sweet, Sweet Spirit

1 There’s a sweet, sweet spirit in this place, And I know that it’s the spirit of the Lord; Sweet Holy Spirit, Sweet Heavenly Dove, 2 Stay right here with us, Filling us with Your love, And for these blessings We lift our hearts in praise, Without a doubt we’ll know That we have been … Continue reading

263 – Fire of God, Thou Sacred Flame

1 Fire of God, Thou sacred flame, Spirit who in splendor came, Let Thy heat my soul refine Till it glows with love divine. 2 Breath of God, that swept in power In the pentecostal hour, Holy Breath, be Thou in me Source of vital energy. 3 Strength of God, Thy might within Conquers sorrow, … Continue reading

264 – O for That Flame of Living Fire

1 O for that flame of living fire Which shone so bright in saints of old; Which bade their souls to heaven aspire, Calm in distress, in danger bold! 2 Where is that spirit, Lord, which dwelt In Abram’s breast, and sealed Him Thine? Which made Paul’s heart with sorrow melt, And glow with energy … Continue reading

265 – Breathe on Me, Breath of God

1 Breathe on me, breath of God, Fill me with life anew, That I may love what Thou dost love, And do what Thou wouldst do. 2 Breathe on me, breath of God, Until my heart is pure, Until with Thee I will one will, To do and to endure. 3 Breathe on me, breath … Continue reading

266 – Spirit of God

1 Spirit of God, descend upon my heart; wean it from earth; through all its pulses move; stoop to my weakness, mighty as thou art, and make me love thee as I ought to love. 2 I ask no dream, no prophet ecstasies, no sudden rending of the veil of clay, no angel visitant, no … Continue reading