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634 – Come, All Christians, Be Committed

1 Come, all Christians, be committed To the service of the lord; Make your lives for him more fitted, Tune your hearts with one accord. Come into His courts with gladness, Each his sacred vows renew, Turn away from sin and sadness, Be transformed with life anew. 2 Of your time and talents give ye, … Continue reading

635 – Lord of All Good

1 Lord of all good, our gifts we bring You now; Use them Your holy purpose to fulfill. Tokens of love and pledges they shall be That our whole life is offered to Your will. 2 We give our minds to understand Your ways; Hands, voices, eyes to serve Your great design; Hearts with the … Continue reading

636 – God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending

1 God, whose giving knows no ending, From Your rich and endless store: Nature’s wonder, Jesus’ wisdom, Costly cross, grave’s shattered door. Gifted by You, we turn to You, Off’ring up ourselves in praise: Thankful song shall rise forever, Gracious donor of our days. 2 Skills and time are ours for pressing Toward the goals … Continue reading

637 – Son of God, Eternal Savior

1 Son of God, eternal Savior, Source of life and truth and grace, Work made flesh, whose birth among us Hallows all our human race, You our head, who throned in glory, For Your own will ever plead: Fill us with Your love and pity, Heal our wrongs, and help our need. 2 Bind us … Continue reading

638 – The Wise May Bring Their Learning

1 wise may bring their learning, The rich may bring their wealth, And some may bring their greatness, And some their strength and health: We too would bring our treasures To offer to the King, We have no wealth or learning— What shall we children bring? 2 We’ll bring Him hearts that love Him, We’ll … Continue reading

639 – A Diligent and Grateful Heart

1 A diligent and grateful heart Prompts me to sing Thy praise. Thy love and mercies from the start Have blessed me all my days. 2 I thank Thee for the means to serve With talents and with tithes, For sharing brings the utmost joy When lifting other lives. 3 My thanks I give you … Continue reading

640 – For Beauty of Meadows

1 For beauty of meadows, for grandeur of trees, For flowers of woodlands, for creatures of seas, For all You created and gave us to share, We praise You, Creator, extolling your care. 2 As stewards of beauty received at Your hand, As creatures who hear Your most urgent command, We turn from our wasteful … Continue reading

641 – God in His Love for Us

1 God in His love for us lent us this planet, Gave it a purpose in time and in space: Small as a spark from the fire of creation, Cradle of life and the home of our race. 2 Thanks be to God for its bounty and beauty, Life that sustains us in body and … Continue reading