596 – Look for the Waymarks

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Look for the way-marks as you journey on,
Look for the way-marks passing one by one;
Down through the ages, past the kingdoms four—
Where are we standing? Look the way-marks o’er.

Look for the way-marks, the great prophetic way-marks,
Down through the ages, past the kingdoms four.
Look for the waymarks, the great prophetic way-marks;
The journey’s almost o’er.

First, the Assyrian kingdom ruled the world,
Then Medo-Persia’s banners were unfurled;
And after Greece held universal sway,
Rome seized the scepter—where are we today?

Down in the feet of iron and of clay,
Weak and divided, soon to pass away;
What will the next great, glorious drama be?
Christ and His coming, and eternity.

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596 – Look for the Waymarks sheet music

AuthorF. E. Belden

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