390 – We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord

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We love Thy Sabbath, Lord,
And worship at Thy will;
Oh may these hours sweet peace afford
And deeper faith instill.

Thine angels sang for joy
Creation’s work to see;
We too, this day, would raise our hearts
In grateful praise to Thee.

Praise for Thy wondrous love,
That sealed this sacred day,
A sign that all may understand
We own Thy sovereign sway.

O great Creator King,
Through Thy redeeming grace,
Renew and sanctify our hearts
That we may see Thy face.

And with the white-robed throng,
Upon Mount Sion be,
And joyful sing our Sabbath song
Through all eternity.


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390 – We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord sheet music

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