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059 – Great Our Joy as Now We Gather

1 Great our joy as now we gather Where the Master makes us one: Where we worship God the Father Thro’ the Spirit of His Son. All who search for His church Find it where His will is done. 2 Precious is the tie that binds us To our God when faith grows cold; Precious … Continue reading

060 – Blessed Jesus at Thy Word

1 Blessed Jesus, at Thy word, We have gathered all to hear Thee; By Thy word our hearts were stirred, Now to seek and love and fear Thee. By Thy teachings sweet and holy, Let us learn to love Thee solely. 2 All our knowledge, sense, and sight, Lie in deepest darkness shrouded; Till Thy … Continue reading

061 – God Is Here!

1 God is here as we his people meet to offer praise and prayer, may we find in fuller measure what it is in Christ we share. Here, as in the world around us, all our varied skills and arts wait the coming of his Spirit into open minds and hearts. 2 Here are symbols … Continue reading

062 – How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place

1 How lovely is Thy dwelling place, O Lord of hosts to me! The tabenacles of Thy grace How pleasant, Lord, they be! 2 My thirsty soul longs ardently, Yea, faints Thy courts to see; My very heart and flesh cry out, O living God, for Thee. 3 Behold the sparrow findeth out A house … Continue reading

063 – O Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord

1 O come, let us sing to the Lord, Come let us every one A joyful noise make to the Rock Of our salvation. 2 Let us before His presence come With glad and thankful voice; Let us sing psalms of praise to Him, And make a joyful noise. 3 For God, a great God … Continue reading