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585 – When Christ Was Lifted From the Earth

1 When Christ was lifted from the earth His arms stretched out above Through every culture, every birth, to draw an answering love. 2 Still east and west His love extends and always, near or far, He calls and claims us as His friends and loves us as we are. 3 Where generation, class, or … Continue reading

586 – What Joy It Is to Worship Here

1 What joy it is to worship here, And find ourselves at home, Where God, who uses every gift, Has room for all who come! 2 Yet are no two of us alike Of all the human race, And we must seek a common ground If we would share His grace.

587 – In Christ There Is No East nor West

1 In Christ there is no east nor west, In Him no south or north; But one great fellowship of love Throughout the whole wide earth. 2 In Him shall true heart everywhere Their high communion find; His service is the golden cord Close binding all mankind. 3 Join hands, then, brothers of the faith, … Continue reading

588 – Lord of All Nations

1 Lord of all nations, grant me grace To love all people, every race, And in each person may I see My kindred loved, redeemed by Thee. 2 Break down the wall that would divide Thy children, Lord, on every side. My neighbor’s good let me pursue; Let Christian love bind warm and true. 3 … Continue reading

589 – Holy Spirit, Gracious Guest

1 Holy Spirit, gracious guest, Hear and grant our heart’s request For that gift supreme and best: Holy heav’nly love. 2 Faith that mountains could remove, Tongues of earth or heaven above, Knowledge, all things, empty prove If I have no love. 3 Though I as a martyr bleed, Give my goods the poor to … Continue reading