308 – Wholly Thine

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I would be, dear Savior, wholly Thine;
Teach me how, teach me how;
I would do Thy will, O Lord, not mine;
Help me, help me now.

Wholly Thine, wholly Thine,
Wholly Thine, this is my vow;
Wholly Thine, wholly Thine,
Wholly Thine, O Lord, just now.

What is worldly pleasure, wealth or fame,
Without Thee, without Thee?
I will leave them all for Thy dear Name,
This my wealth shall be.

As I cast earth’s transient joys behind,
Come Thou near, come Thou near;
In Thy presence all in all I find,
’Tis my comfort here.


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308 – Wholly Thine sheet music

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