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God calls Easter evil

On this page I hope to illustrate just how evil Easter truly is. If you are one that celebrates it, or calls it “Resurrection Sunday,” I implore you to investigate the facts laid out here. All too often we accept traditions merely because they are so old, or because they have “Christian” names placed upon … Continue reading

Should Christian Celebrate Easter?

By Pastor Jeff Alexander Easter is commonly understood to be a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The date for it is set as the Sunday immediately following the fourteenth day of the paschal (Passover) moon, which happens on or after the vernal equinox. However, as is explained in the¬†Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious … Continue reading


Where did the world get Christmas?…from the Bible, or paganism. Here are astonishing facts which may shock you. Test yourself. How much do you know of the origin of the Christmas tree – of “Santa Claus” – of the mistletoe – of the holly wreath – of the custom of exchanging gifts? When I was … Continue reading


All true seekers of God will desire for truth and welcome truth that leads them to the Living, Loving, Almighty and the All-powerful Creator. It is not just about religions, or sects, or faiths, nor is it a mere collection of some facts, but it is the driving force behind all sincere seekers to the … Continue reading